Frequently Asked Questions about Group Tours

Q: Who can we bring to campus for a group tour?
A: The Admissions Office invites groups of 20 or more students who are in high school or with a Chicago Early Achievers school.

Q: What is a Chicago Early Achievers school?
A: Chicago Early Achievers schools are elementary and middle schools in Chicago and its surrounding areas. Through our UChicago Promise program, we provide opportunities for these students to learn more about college, including group tours of campus.

Q: What if we are not a group of high school or Chicago Early Achievers students?
A: The University of Chicago has many other types of tour resources! Groups of undergraduate students or adults looking for graduate programs can find our graduate tour resources here.

Q: Do you offer any specialized virtual visits for groups?
A: Yes! Please click here to learn more.

Q: What if we are a group of visiting high school counselors who would like to schedule a group tour?
A: The Admissions Office is at times able to accommodate tours for visiting counselor groups, however our first priority is always to provide tour opportunities for visiting student groups. If you are interested in scheduling a group tour for visiting counselors, please email for more information.

Q: Are there tours that are not led by the Admissions Office?
Yes! You can sign up for tours of our libraries, of Hyde Park, and of the various museums on campus here.

Q: What size of group may we bring?
A: Group tours are designed for groups larger than 20 students. Groups smaller than 20 students should sign up for individual tours and information sessions. Groups larger than 60 students may require special approval due to space constraints.

Q: How many chaperones do we need for our group?
A: At least one chaperone is necessary for every 15 high school students and every 10 K-8 students. This ensures that there is at least one chaperone for every tour group.

Q: What are chaperones expected to do?
A: Chaperones are expected to supervise the students. They are responsible for the behavior of the students in their group: they make sure the students are attentive and that they do not engage in disrespectful behavior (such as horseplay, talking on cell phones, or leaving the group).

Q: How far in advance do we need to schedule to get the date that we want?
A: We advise requesting a tour at least a month in advance, especially for peak demand in summer, fall, and spring. We will make reservations as far out as we are able, typically not more than 6 months. Requests must be made a minimum of 3 weeks in advance to ensure availability of tour guides, admissions staff, and rooms.

Q: What is included in the visit?
A: We offer a walking tour of campus, led by current undergraduate students, as well as an information session about the University of Chicago and the admissions process led by an admissions staff member.

Q: Do we need to do both the information session and the tour?
A: We encourage groups to register for both the tour and the information session, but offer the option to only choose one or the other.

Q: What is not included in the visit?
A: We are unable to accommodate special requests such as foreign language interpreters, departmental tours, or faculty speakers. We are not able to arrange housing or meals in the dining halls. For details or specific questions, please contact us at

Q: Is there a place to eat on campus?
A: We are unable to provide dining hall passes to groups and currently, the dining halls remain closed to visitors. In the Reynolds Club on the Main Quad, there is public indoor seating if you’d like to bring your lunch, or you can find a variety of restaurants in Hutchinson Commons or visit Pret a Manger. Please consult their hours here. There are also a variety of local restaurants within walking distance or food trucks during peak lunch hours.

Q: What else can we do in Hyde Park?
A: There is a lot to see and do around campus! If you plan to take your group somewhere for a meal during your stay, please let us know in your reservation so we can provide recommendations specific to your group. If you want to include a museum or other attraction in your visit, please let us know in your reservation so we can provide you with contact information.

Q: How do we get to/around campus?
A: The Admissions Office website has complete details on how to get to campus and to our office. You can find these details here.

Q: Where should we park?
A: The Admissions Office provides recommendations for parking here. We do not provide validation for parking. If your group is arriving in a bus or van, we will provide details on drop-off and waiting locations in your reservation.

Q: Will I need to wear a mask?
A: As of March 4, 2022, masks are optional in most non-medical campus office settings, on-campus residence halls, retail stores, and dining spaces. Regardless of mask mandates, visitors and UChicago staff and students may still wear masks as a precaution.